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How can you use Instagram to build your brand?

With over 2 billion active users, Instagram is one of the best social media and entertainment platforms for newbies and existing brands to win customers’ hearts and build a legacy. Starting a business requires many aspects of work, and marketing your services to potential customers is one of them. In an era where most people prefer online services, making your brand stand digitally is a must.

Instagram allows business owners to expand and market their businesses more successfully than ever before, especially as visual media of all kinds gain popularity. Yet how? To correctly develop your brand, you must mix a variety of strategies and know specific tactics. Whatever it is, you don’t have to worry since this guide will show you how to create an Instagram brand and provide you with ten tried-and-true guidelines to follow:

Define Your Brand’s Objectives

You must first establish your goals, determine your needs, decide how you want to promote yourself and create personas for your target audience before learning how to develop a brand on Instagram.

This step undoubtedly aids in developing your Instagram brand and making you stand out on the platform. Therefore, conduct market research, decide who your target demographic is, and create a successful marketing plan for your Instagram business.

Build A Good Profile

You must first set up an Instagram profile to develop a brand on the platform. Create a logo, pick a distinctive brand name, and set up your Instagram account while keeping in mind the objectives you identified in the previous phase. 

It’s preferable to utilize your brand name as your Instagram username to gain more followers organically. To make your brand more noticeable and straightforward to discover, make your logo your Instagram profile photograph. Then, you may utilize Instagram follower applications to increase your following naturally.

Determine A Strategy

When you struggle to come up with fresh ideas, you’ll produce low-performing content and a disorganized feed if you don’t have a clear strategy.

You’ll need to accomplish the following four things to develop your Instagram strategy:

  • Establish your objectives.
  • Limit the population you are aiming for.
  • Do some competitor research.
  • Create your content strategy.

Choose A Consistent Theme That Represents Your Brand

Establishing and sticking with a unique branding concept is one of the crucial stages you must take to develop an Instagram brand that people can readily remember.

Your visual style also has themes, which include filters, color palettes, and shot compositions. If your target demographic like gritty black-and-white images, show them plenty of those images. You may adjust your approach by using the research tools to see which themes and designs receive the most likes and comments. To optimize the beneficial connections and prevent confusing messages, use the same color palettes and graphic designs throughout all mediums.

Invest In High-Quality Assets

There is a formula for creating a successful Instagram post, and it calls for both stunning images and exciting writing and serves as an entertainment eye-catching for your viewers.

Beautiful Imagery:

Pick pictures that evoke feelings or tell a narrative. In addition to being fascinating and exciting, the image you upload also evokes emotion, which increases interaction from your followers. 

Repeatedly posting about oneself on social media is equivalent to being that person at a party who speaks about themselves nonstop. Watch out for copyright concerns as well. Ask for consent before using an image that is not your own, or find non-attribution-required pictures to use instead.

Engaging Copy:

While you are not required to include text in your Instagram photos, doing so adds a powerful element that a photograph alone lacks. Consider your caption as a different tactic for attracting and retaining followers. It is a forum for introducing new material, asking questions, and soliciting feedback.

Leverage Healthy Partnerships

The fact that most marketers exploring Instagram struggle with following-building is one of their main challenges. After all, how can it possibly be a successful marketing channel without a sizable following?

Are we discussing influencer marketing or co-marketing? Both since they have the same outcome—building your reach. Both further demand that you:

  • Find out whether their audience matches yours by doing some research.
  • Review your corporate objectives and choose the KPIs for the cooperation.
  • Create a content plan together.

Brands may simply co-market on Instagram because two profiles can share the same post. The post will be seen by followers from both accounts, expanding the audience and interaction for both.

Encourage the growth of a devoted following.

Instagram’s users may interact with your content in various ways, such as sharing it, liking and commenting on it, tagging their friends, and engaging in your calls to action. We’ll go through some of our community-building strategies in this section.

Post at the right time:

Have you ever shared anything on social media that you were confident would go viral only to get silence in return? Low shares and likes, and all of your comments were spambots.

Go to your insights dashboard to find out when your followers will use the app. You may gain helpful knowledge about the location, age, gender, and activity of your viewers on the app if you have a business account, which you really ought to have. From there, you can plan your articles depending on the days and hours your readership is most engaged.

Invite Engagement:

Many businesses open Instagram accounts only to get upset when their content isn’t engaged. Even though it sounds so easy, sometimes explicitly asking your audience to participate may make all the difference. You may make the action your followers are supposed to perform a part of the image itself or make it a part of the caption.

Be Active and Post Regularly

A community is necessary for Instagram brand growth. And one can achieve this by being active and posting regularly. You may achieve this by leaving comments on other people’s profiles and enjoying other people’s photos. It’s an excellent way to leave a positive impression and convince them to reciprocate.

You must also maintain activity on your account by often posting to your Instagram story and feed. By doing this, you will consistently appear in your followers’ feeds.


A brand takes time to develop. An Instagram brand requires time and work to evolve as an entertainment and engaging platform. You must carefully prepare and carry out each phase of your strategy. You may try to build your brand on Instagram properly by adhering to the guidelines provided in this article. These guidelines may not apply to everyone because they are generic. Therefore, it is essential to use them yourself to determine which ones are most effective for you. 

By Aarya Jangid

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