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Netflix Shows That Are Worth The Hype

Netflix Shows Finding a decent TV show to watch after you get off work might be a real challenge because there is more TV than ever before. Yes, you could binge-watch any Netflix show, but there is no assurance that it would be worth your valuable time. You could just rerun an old favorite like The Office or Breaking Bad, but why not try something different? A tonne of fresh content on Netflix will satisfy a particular itch you had no idea about. 

TV programs and documentaries might be a fantastic way to pass the additional time if you’ve found yourself with a lot of spare time at home. You can unwind and refresh with them and might even pick up a few new skills. We dissect the whole Top 6 Netflix list and advise you on what to watch and what to skip. We use the same procedure for Netflix’s Top 6 TV series and movies. 

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Stranger Things

Stranger Things, which is still enjoying the high of its first season, centers on the disappearance of Will Byers (Noah Schnapp) in the peaceful Indiana town of Hawkins and the emergence of Eleven, a mysterious young woman with telekinetic powers who aids Will’s friends in finding him and Stranger Things, set in the early 1980s, is a long-running ode to 1980s popular culture and contains allusions to several other pop-culture touchstones as well as the works of Stephen King, John Carpenter, and Steven Spielberg. By going into further detail about Eleven’s history and the effects that the mysterious place known as the “Upside Down” has on Hawkins, season two enriches the narrative.

Stranger Things Netflix Shows

Aside from being a fun 80s-style action-adventure, Stranger. Things’ most important quality is its flawless casting, which includes Millie Bobby Brown as the fearless yet frail Eleven, Winona Ryder as Will’s worried mother, and David Harbour as the stern sheriff attempting to make sense of the paranormal mayhem. The playful imitation of everything ’80s in Stranger to Things works.

The Umbrella Academy

 Netflix Shows Academy

The most underrated superhero series on Netflix, at least until season 2 arrived, swiftly rose to the top of the 2020 television ratings. The television series focuses on the superhuman siblings who are magically conceived at the same time from moms who were not genuinely pregnant. With lessons learned from last year’s semi-stumble out of the gate, the second series is somehow more relaxed, wilder, and crackles with more energy than its premiere. The first season is a twist-filled joyride.

The Umbrella Academy is the series for you if you’re seeking a larger-than-life comic book adaptation to satisfy a superhero-sized hole in your life. Also, Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance did the original writing; this immediately boosts your emo cred.



Before recently, Netflix didn’t have an excellent reputation for historical drama (unless you count The Crown, which is hurtling towards the present day). But things changed during the lockdown Christmas of 2020 when the world needed some happiness. On December 25th, Santa Claus brought the most magnificent series onto the streaming platform, just in time for us to binge-watch with our tins of Quality Street. Bridgerton, based on Julia Quinn’s well-known books, centers on eight siblings hunting for love in glitzy Regency London.

Phoebe Dynevor’s character Daphne was the first to find love, beginning a phony relationship with Rege-Jean Page’s smoldering Duke of Hastings. In the recently released second season, the spotlight shifted to Anthony Bridgerton and his romance with the new character Kate Sharma.

The series is a pleasant diversion from regular life and hit. It is new and fun, with fantastic acting, rich costumes, and contemporary music.

Netflix Shows Dark

 Netflix Shows dark

Given that you’ve binge-watched Stranger Things many times, you’ll need something comparable to keep you occupied until new episodes air. The Dark.

This Netflix original in German is quite front and center about its goals:

to be as spooky, unsettling, and Lynchian as possible.

And that’s not only because it’s strange; it’s also because, like a specific David Lynch TV program, this explores the seedy underside of what seems to be a flawless small-town existence.

In this instance, a mystery town is troubled by the story of two missing children.

There probably won’t be anything else like it.

time travel, and other strange supernatural occurrences), Dark puts a lot of original parts into its jigsaw.

Breaking Bad

Netflix Shows

Breaking Bad Poster Netflix Shows

One of the finest TV series in recent years is still Breaking

the initial concept of a chemistry teacher. the instructor in question, gradually changes from a lovely person to an antihero.

character, making it fantastic to watch as his silently simmering wrath builds.

Squid Game

Netflix Shows

Squid Game  Banner Netflix Shows

globe by storm, becoming the first Korean drama to top the US Netflix charts.

in an unidentified survival tournament with a huge cash reward.

They are forced to compete in a series of games that seem customary Once you get going, you’ll be addicted.

Squid Game is becoming the most extensive program on Netflix despite receiving no advertising outside of Korea.

, replete with social media challenges, fan cosplays, and a rise in demand for the show’s Algona candy.

It’s simple to understand why? These are all the more powerful since the characters’ fascinating personal drama makes us care about them.


No matter where you are, Netflix has a wide selection of excellent shows like those we’ve highlighted above. However, you could discover that your preferred binge-watch isn’t available because of a practice known as geo-blocking. If you’ve recently been overseas, you may notice this more than usual because a

series you were interested in the back home may no longer be available.

By Aarya Jangid

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